Since its establishment in the United Arab Emirates, Serotonin Technologies has gained the trust of its
customers by offering a wide range of technology solutions from technology products to customer-centric digital solutions, to complete digital transformation of your business at a cost-efficient rate.

Our team provides innovative solutions, develops softwares to improve the efficiency of your business and manages its marketing strategies in a persistent manner, ensuring the company reaches its highest potential.

Pioneers in our field
we are the inventors
and the engineers.

Each of our innovations are a product of creative minds along with brilliant execution. By combining in-house tech design with artistic engineering, we seamlessly bridge the gap between concept and execution. Each experience is uniquely designed to fit your infrastructure, and provide you with a bespoke solution.


is to develop and deploy digital disruptions for the technological advancement of the United Arab Emirates and the world.


is to empower the future of the United Arab Emirates with exceptional and innovative technologies.

A Message

from the CEO

Serotonin Technologies was started with the goal of disrupting and advancing the technology industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Although there are many technology companies on the market, only a few are capable of adapting technologies to humans. In order to bridge the gap between market offerings and actual value-added products and services, I’ve developed a network of highly capable and talented individuals, startups, and organizations in both the public and private sectors to help bring my vision to life.

Serotonin Technologies will boost the UAE’s economy with a unique business model that cultivates the creation of innovative solutions suitable for scalability, productivity, and enrichment of daily operations within our country.